I'm refinishing a guitar with a satin burgundy color and was wondering if i should use gloss clear or satin clear.


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Well gloss is shiniest.
Use miniwax poly - u can get it in spraybomb form i believe.
^ where do you get spray can Clear specifically every1 is all like Oh you can get it on Ebay... or you should use 2k clear. well i need a few cans and i want them all on the same shipping fee (buying 1 can on ebay can more than double the price) sorry to hijack thread but i have a feeling you need this info to TS.
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DO NOT use fast drying paint or poly EVER. That stuff sucks major ass, it runs like hell and dries extremely soft! I had horrible problems with the minwax fast drying polyurethane, i've ye to test the non-quick drying stuff.
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