First off... I LOVE THIS ****IN' SONG! Always have. We used to play this when my band was first starting out.

Now the critique... overall the rhythm and bass sound fine. The recording quality isn't the best, but you're hitting everything fine. On the initial intro solo... some of the bends are there and some of them aren't quite. That's probably the most important part of that solo, the bends. Listen to them again, and how Angus is so laid back in delivering them. He almost hesitates at times to deliver the full bend. You're using more of a vibrato than a bend. Also, make sure you go up to that higher position on the neck when finishing the last part of that intro solo.

Rhythm after the beginning... put some added umph into the rhythm before you get to the chorus. It all just sounds stale and even. Build the song in the measures before the chorus.

Solos... I would try a little more volume and some delay in your settings. It will help some with sustain and give the solos a much fuller sound. Not too much. Most of the solos are there, but could use a little improvement in execution.

Overall, I enjoyed listening to it.
frickin sweet ass song. Haven't heard it in a while.

As for your version, i think you did a fairly decent job. The rhythm work was spot on, but i agree with Whiskey Tango you should build up in intensity before the chorus.

As for the lead parts, you need to work on the bending and vibrato a little bit. Other than that, not bad at all.

crit mine? It's the first song on my profile called sevns.


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