I DID NOT WRITE THIS. This is a poem from some kid I know, he posts them on facebook and won't consider any negative criticism because all his little bff's are riding his dick. So tell him what you think about it........

Why do we hate
We need to appreciate
We all need to love one another
Because we look like each other
Look at the person to your left and to your right
for those are the one in which we fight

I wondeer what was botherin marvin
It could have been the fact that kids are dyin
could it be the kids starvin

How can we be down for the cause
when we are the ones helpin it pause
we need to think of all the kids that died
Just because one of there parents lied

Stop having sex if your not married
Cause pretty soon your gonna have a kid to feed
Especially if your young
I know its hard, even when the devils got you sprung.
Even if they tell ya
Its ok to use a "rubba"
Having sex just doesnt effect you
IT effects your family, the community to
I dont care how hard it is
Trust me i kno, at 15 do you wanna have kids

IN the movies they say lust is beautiful
There the ones bein un truthful
BUt you wanna go and get an STD
Youll have one less friend thats me
I told you not to
You wanna mess this up do what you wanna do

To sun this up, wait till your married. I dont want you to mess up your whole life just because of one stupid decision. just wait
Don't need a gun to blow your mind.
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