Well my band thinks we need to do some covers....well i think that instead of using valuable practice time to practice covers we need to write our own songs.....i already have lyrics for two songs all we need to do is piece it together....what should we do?.....covers or originals?
a couple of covers are kinda cool, but unless you're a cover band try to write your own songs
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well if your gonna play shows then i suggest playing like 2 covers and 3 orginals
ya but what im asking is since we already have lyrics for 2 songs should we piece those together or work on a cover first?
your originals are more important but if you haven't had much practice as a band covers are a good place to start and develop some chemistry.
Do one cover then those songs.
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if you haven't been with your band a while, it's important to play some covers to get tight as a band. Than go for it
And playing live at least play a cover or two, unless you're already pretty popular (which I doubt seeing as you're a new band)
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When I started playing with my current band we learned no less than a dozen covers before starting to write at all. Probably more than was necessary, but it certainly let us forget about writing or creativity and focus solely on our performances as a band. It helped us a lot, and by the end of it, we were playing a song once or twice and we had it tight and together already.

In your case I'm sure you don't need to do as many covers as we did, but if you can't knock off 3-4 covers within one or two band practices then you should probably keep working on them before writing. I'm a big proponent of crisp, tight band performances, obviously.
Don't do a note for note cover. Put your own bands personal twist and favor onto it.
my first band was an original heavy rock band and we only gigged a couple of dozen times during the first year we were together. That fell to pieces soon after My Drummer and I went on to form a cover band and after a couple of months practice we had over 60 songs ranging from the Beatles through to Slayer and found we were working every weekend and most Thursdays. Now we practice twice a week one night cover songs the next we work on originals. The cover band allowed us to save a decent amount of money and upgrade our gear quite fast. So it is well worth getting some covers going. Good luck man
its good to to one or two covers to connect as a band and they get the audience going
especially if your new
but only do a few
my last band got stuck playing covers for years and never got roudn to doing oru own stuff