summers almost here, and my band needs a passenger cargo van and trailer to tour in. anyone have experience with these kinds of vans and could tell me what to avoid purchasing.

btw, there are five members two roadies and a sound guy so it has to seat 8+ and yes we are on a budget of around $2000 usd for a van
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Shredhead's advice is the best in the thread.

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tell me what to avoid purchasing.

Yes, this....

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a passenger cargo van and trailer ...has to seat 8+ ....on a budget of around $2000 usd

You want to travel in something that will be reliable. You don't want to come back from your tour in the hole because you had to sink a boat load of money into your van. Really.... it's either pay now or pay later. Maybe you can rent something? (though watch for mileage!!)

A full-sized Dodge Caravan (sh!t vehicles in their own right, but....) is a 7-passenger van. You're looking at something more specialized in order to accommodate that many people. And then a trailer for gear.... so... what... $1500 for the van and $500 for a trailer.... I shudder to think.

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