I have been playing for just over a year and I wanted to know what is the best way to get better. I am taking lessons already and I play mostly my own stuff. I make simple sounding stuff and want to be able to look at something and be able to play it well. So would techniques be the best to learn? Like hybrid, sweep, ect. Or would it be better for me to try and learn as many songs as I can so that I can compose more complex stuff and get a better feel for playing?
Practice more between lessons ... wait, if you have a teacher then why are you asking us?
I would definitely recommend looking up some challenging songs.
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The reason I am asking here instead of my teacher is so that I can learn when I am there and not waste the lesson asking him questions. Would it be better to build up to harder songs or just go tackle a hard one? I just finished learning Whole Lotta Love, and Moby Dick but wouldn't know what to classify them as dificulty wise.
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I would definitely recommend looking up some challenging songs.
This. It's alright to play other people's stuff.
Just practice man, practice well and you'll get better.

Learning songs are good and all, but they mostly are just practicing horizontal growth, which is good, but you won't progress as quickly as you'd probably want to.

If you don't know what to practice then try doing some real basic scales. Learning new scales is excellent for vertical growth. I'd recommend u start with the minor pentatonic scales, pretty easy and you can really build up speed on them. Check the lessons part of this website for a lesson on minor pentatonics, im sure there is one. If youve already done pentatonics, maybe move onto say the minor or major scales. If your brave, maybe even try tackling modes, but judging from your post, it doesn't quite sound like your there yet.

Hope this helps, good luck.
practice scales, but also technique.... you'll need it to do the harder songs. Find what you like and practice that, find some songs that use it, and then learn those for paractice.
Learn something difficult but in reach. It may take a while but personally that's how I got chord switching and legato down.
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There's only so many techniques you can use... just learn a variety of songs that cover several techniques and practice playing them until you've got the techniques mastered. In other words, practice, keep playing, and you'll see improvement!