Scraping: Not sure what else to call it.

When playing the following:

3-1 1 (fingering)

I pull off from 3rd finger to first, then move down to the 3rd fret to play the G....

I notice there is a 'scraping' sound when my first finger slides down the string (only happens on the E/A/D strings). Since I'm not playing a slide, should I focus on lifting this finger above the strings entirely?

I ask because I've been trying to listen for the 'scrape' on songs I'm learning and I rarely hear it (unless they are moving bar chords around)....

Seems to go against the 'finger independence' I've been working on - which is to keep the fingers lightly on the strings...

Or is this noise something I can safely just ignore?
safely ignore.
or actually turn it into a slide.
or go to palm mute while youre moving to the fret and lift when you play.
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check out infernal train by cinematar. There are plenty of songs where you can hear this, especially acoustic, but Im listening to that right now, and just heard some. Its not a big deal and I know a couple people who like it.
thats just natural and it happens all the time there is alot of recordings that have that noise you can do many things about it though

get a liquid for the strings that make it less squeaky
on the recording studios people remove that on purpose
or just adjust your technique but just ignore it it happens all the time to everybody
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i noticed getting more of this noise switching from d'addario to ernie ball
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It's because the 3 lower strings are coiled. Just practice putting your palm in-between the pickups as if you were palm muting, lift the finger off the string just enough to hover above it, and play the 3rd fret.