Alright so I'm trying to get rid of my Vox but I need cash quick and was wondering what would be the best method for this.

How little does Guitar Center actually give you for used gear? I've heard from a bunch of people that it's basically like giving it away for free. How about pawn shops?

I could just use Craigslist or Ebay but I'm not sure how long that would take.
just find someone you or one of your friends know and sell it to them. thats the fastest. stores wont give you crap.
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craigslist or something similar is the best way to go, pawn shops won't give you much at all, I know, I used to work in one.
Craigslist will get you the quickest turn-around for the best price, but if you can wait a couple weeks, ebay should fetch more money. Stay away from guitar center or pawn shops, they will give you the least.
ebay doesn't fetch more money usually its the other way around. Remember you gotta pay ebay fees when yous ell something
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