Hey all.

I have a Jackson DX10D for sale.
I got it in a trade a while back.
It appears to have seen quite a bit of use,
but still plays fast and sounds fine.

It's got a few dings in the paint.
Most of which are along the bottom of the guitar.
The rear panel is also off the guitar.
I have the cover, but do not have the screws,
and it does not seem to fit properly.

And also the first of the tuner locks (not sure of the correct term)
is stripped, so to unlock it, you'll need one of a few things:
(a) bigger allen wrench (might work)
(b) buy a new one (probably not expensive)
(c) use a good pair of pliers.

It's seen some wear and tear, but this is a good guitar.
I had some past trouble trying to sell it
(both locally and dealing through UG)
and would like to finally get it shipped out and give it a home.

$175 as-is. Shipping included in that price.

I'll ship it with the whammy bar, allen wrenches and backplate
in the soft case that it came to me in.

I have pictures too.
E-mail if you're interested
(quicker response that way)


Give it a bump before I sign off.
Might also be interested in trades.

As before,
e-mail if you're interested.
post some pics
and what are the pickups like?
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Quote by handbanana
post some pics
and what are the pickups like?

They're just stock pickups.
They sound find playing through my JSX,
and there doesn't appear to be any problems with them.

As I said, e-mail me if you're interested
(at the address above)
and I will send you the pictures.

Still asking $175 as-is. Shipping included in price.
Would possibly accept trades.
E-mail me with any offers.
If you're in my state (Michigan)
or one of the nearby ones,
I will ask $165 as-is.

Otherwise the price stands at $175
Move along folks, this is mine.
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