I've had the system for less than 2 months, works perfectly but I need a new guitar.

The chipset is a jasper, which is the newest. Less subject to overheating, RROD, ect. Also has 256MB embedded memory.


Accessories: 20GB HD, Power supply, standard a/v cables, hdmi cable, 2 wireless controllers one white one black, rechargeable battery kit, headset. All accessories are official Microsoft products.

Games: Gears of War, GTA IV, Madden 09, Sega Superstars Tennis and five Xbox LIVE Arcade games.

Everything is in mint condition. I payed $450+ for everything, I'm looking for a decent electric around the same price or $300 + shipping.
I'm mainly looking to trade, looking for really any type of decent electric. I also have $50-100 in cash I can put towards it.

No one? I'm just looking for a guitar worth 200-300.

I really wanted to cut the middleman (ebay) out of this.