So I've seen people use
Guitar - Combo Amp - Pedals
Guitar - Head - Cab - Pedals
Guitar - Multi Heads - Cab - Pedals
Guitar - Multi Heads - Multi Cabs - Pedals

I'm confused with these:
Guitar - Pre Amp - Power Amp - Pedals
Guitar - Power Amp - PA
Guitar - Digitech RP500

How do the last 3 work?
Are they more cost effective? I know Paul Gilbert used ADA Guitar Pre Amps and i saw one on ebay for only 100 USD!!! So if i get one of those can I get a sound like Paul Gilbert's older sound ( before switch to Laney Amps)??

Wtf is a pre amp and a power amp?

Also i've seen people play guitar and record it using things like the Pod x3 and the GT 10 and the digitech rp500. How do these work? Can they model amps well? Do they also do effects;can i select more than one effect or select however many i want?
Do I need to plug them into a amp or a cabinet to hear it or does it serve as a amp also? Is it better than Guitar Rip/Amplitube?

the last three work like this:

1. preamp outs into a power amp, power amp outs into a cabinet=success
2. does not work at all, i think you're looking for, "PRE AMP into PA"

that works... by having the preamp output into a PA

3. digitech outputs into a pa

a preamp is a what comes before an amp.. it magically makes tone.
take a head unit for example.. inside the head the controls (bass/mids/treble) is considered the preamp section while the power amp section is the part amplifies the signal of the preamp.

multi-effects unit that simulate guitar amps work well.. to an extent, not the best solution but if you're just looking at novice recordings or scratch tracks they'll do you fine.

you can plug them into an amp to hear them.. um, but.. you could also use headphones for silent practicing.

i don't think they're better than amplitube/guitar rig/revalver/gtr etc etc.. i think each thing serves it's own purpose.

your post kinda annoys me, to be honest.
how does my post annoy you and how are impulses funny? >_>
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