Which is the Wah you think this guy used in this song(killer instinct theme) here is the link


also Any Children of bodom songs that both guitarist harmonize any lead parts? or its ALWAYS the keyboard playing the same thing as he does.

or if its not leads stuff atleast bit more harmonize stuff than angels dont kill
They harmonize in Blooddrunk I think.
SynEdit: In the video it looks like it says killer cl!ts lol but I don't know what type of wah it is
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dont harmonize at all!!! well at the very ending lol sounds good but like 3seconds of it
They harmonise in a lot of songs... Silent Night Bodom Night, Hellhounds, Banned From Heaven...
the keyboard is usually the one that does the wah but if you hear it on the guitar it's eaither alexi or roope using their trem. and it's not always the keyboard, on a few of their songs it's all 3 of them at the same time.