I had someone who knew what they were doing (apparently) change my old ibanez INF1 pickup to a Seymour Duncan JB from my friends rhoads and after the change, both of our guitars (the rhoads had a bill lawrence put into it) have no distortion and almost half volume than our other pickups. Was it wired wrong or is there some other thing we have overlooked. Thanks.
Oh damm that happened to my friends Ibanez RG550 when we took the aftermarket EMG's out and put in DiMarzio Evolutions in... I'd like to know what we did wrong too! haha
Np, and pickup height is fine. It was a tad high but that would mean it would pick up sound better not worse.
Did they wire the two coils together and tape the wires off, or if there's a split did they connect the correct wires to the selector switch?
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