Hey guys, selling off my gear, need cash urgently. i dont think anyone will be interested but hey may as well list it.
its a grey version wh10, condition-broken. the pot is very very bad (i think its the pot), just sounds terrible. static scratching when you throttle the wah. the idiot i bought it off (for some reason) also coloured some stupid pattern on the front of the pedal, but if anyone is interested in buying this and repairing it email me at masseydogg@hotmail.com and i can send you pics. im in australia so shipping may be expensive. I know how sought after these are, this is the second one ive bought and anyone who has used one knows it would be worth fixing.
First off, wrong thread.

Secondly, how much would you send it to New Zealand for?
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sorry about the wrong thread will change it now, but im taking any offers. i probably wont have access to this site for a while but send all your questions and offers to my email because i can check that.
thank you