I'm really stuck on how to properly use a metronome. :/ sounds kinda redundant but, how do I properly use one? How do you determine the time signature by just listening to the song? I know the basic theory, the significance of different notes (eight notes, quarter notes, etc.) but how do I apply it to the metronome?!

The song I'm trying to play along with a metronome is Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson, but I failed. lol.
There's a neat trick if you know sheet music, however, I don't know how to explain it very well so I'll leave you with this.

16th notes = 4 notes per beat
Triplets = 3 notes per beat
8th notes = 2 notes per beat
quarter notes = 1 notes per beat
Half notes = 1/2 notes per beat
Whole notes = 1/4 notes per beat
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How do I set the metronome when Q . (dotted) = 134 in an 12/8 beat?
Is it 134 x 1.5 = 201
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How do I set the metronome when Q . (dotted) = 134 in an 12/8 beat?
Is it 134 x 1.5 = 201

No, if you wanted it to click on all 12 beats, you'd do 134 x 3 (since a dotted quarter is equal to three eighth notes).

However, it would be WAAAAAY easier to just set the metronome to 134 and play three notes per click.