would a 72 thinline tele sound good with a 57 classic or even a burstbucker in the bridge position?
in my experience the stock fender pickups arent very high output, and pickup a lot of background noise.

would the high output pickups clash with the semi hollowness and just become a clusterf**k of feedback?
or is it safe?

the feedback might be an issue. the bigger issue is the pickup shape. fender widerange humbuckers are taller and thinner than standard humbuckers
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57 Classics and Burstbuckers are pretty common in ES-335s, so I'm betting feedback won't be a problem. The shape will. Also, I'd just like to say you should have a pretty good idea of what you want to change if you want a different sound, rather than just saying you want different pickups, and possibly consider a different amp first, as most folks here will say the amp matters almost a zillion times more than pickups re: tone.

But maybe I'm just saying that because I love that guitar as-is.
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i did notice that the pickups seem a little larger than a standard humbucker, really what i would like to do is increase the guitar output and cut down on noise interference. I play through a marshall jcm 900 so the output and of my amp is not the problem, i have also played the tele on a 6505 plus, and the pups just sound a little weak...

so would a standard size humbucker not fit the tele?
Fender produced higher output Widerange pickups for the John 5 tele. I think its one of the ugliest guitars I've seen tehm make but it does sound killer.
Replacing those fender widerange with PAF's will definately increase your guitar's treble response. It'd REALLY loosen up the tone compared to the stock mud. Replacing your pots and caps would help with that, also.
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