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How do you prononuce "Ramen" as in Ramen Noodles? i've heard several different ways...

Ramen - short A sound = Ra-men

Ramen - long A sound = Ray-men

and don't know where the fuck this one came from, but

Ramen - with a fucking O sound = Ro-man


poll's up soon.
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Ramen - long A sound = Ray-men

That's how I do. Guess I've been saying it wrong haha
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i was asking how you personally pronounce it. not the correct pronounciation.

KGBedit: see? people pronounce it differently.
I usually pronounce it like raymen.

When I actually think about it, saying it like raymen sounds incredibly wierd but I can't really help it, that's just how I've always pronounced it.
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i think of it more as rom-in....but i guess rah-men is pretty much the same.
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that'd be slightly creepy if i didn't find it so amusing.
Roman ftw.

EDIT: And I'm where the fuck that came from.
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My roommate puts the emphasis on "men," so it sounds like he's saying "Rah (as in hooray) Men!"

Never fails to make me chortle.