Poll: Which logo looks the best?
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Devil Madonna
1 2%
28 45%
9 15%
In Hell We Rot
3 5%
4 6%
4 6%
Death Threat
6 10%
Killing Reich
2 3%
Faster Malefactor
5 8%
Voters: 62.
I couldn't decide between a few band names I had been suggested,so I made logos for all of them to see which one would come out the best. Choose which logo looks the best,the one with the most votes'll be my band name.

(In Order from Left down to Right down)
Devil Madonna
In Hell We Rot
Faster Malefactor
Death Threat
Killing Reich
the "in hell we rot" one looks kinda sloppy, imo, but i like the supirius one
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Suprirus looks the best I think, but I would say whichever one you choose, add some color/texture...it'll make it stand out from all those bands that use the white on black logos
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they're all ridiculously cliche

snakes and pointy letters? You can do better.

But I like the name Suprirus the best
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December 14, 2017
<3 cliche, lol,it sounds ridiculous,but to me,Pointy lettered,satanic logos,and leather-studded men are the only way to go.

Thanks everyone for the responses.
None of them....they're all too graphic, unoriginal and annoying to read.

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I voted Suprirus. I'm not a big fan of any of the names, but that was the best logo. And the Jesus on a crucifix might offend some people.
I voted Suprematra, but I meant to vote Suprirus
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Cool! Thanks guys

Seems everyone loves those Snake S's but not everyones crazy about the name Suprirus,anyone know any other names that have 2 s's that I should think about?

Or any names in general!
I like Faster Malefactor because I read it as Faster Male Factor the first time.
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