Is it possible to play with a bass guitar (Thunderbird) through my Marshall JCM800 4201 without blowing up or damaging anything?
it would sound pretty bad, so i advise you not to do it for that reason
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not advisable. highly likely to blow the speakers
You don't blow speakers.

An instrument is passive.

You only blow speakers if your preamp's power is bigger then the poweramp, or the speakerbox (think ohm resistance for head/cab matching).

That's why bass amps have generally more watt, so you have more power, and you can get at "band volume" with relatively low power.

Yes there's a chance you will damage ur speaker when at full volume, but then everything is possible, and even a guitar will damage the speakers and amp at full power, ESPECIALLY with overdrive.

Overdrive is basically overloading speakers till they can't handle it anymore (power amp distortion that is).

Subwoofers generate 100 times more bass and they don't break at 4000+ watts, and the speakers are relatively the same.

Besides, EQ pedals also alter bass frequencies, and octave pedals also add bass frequencies, then those should break ur speakers as well.

In fact, EQ pedals and octave pedals, are active, cause they have their own power input, so those are even more likely to break ur amp then a bass.

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You can use it, but don't crank it up high. It will also probably sound pretty meh.


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I wouldn't recommend it. It won't sound great, and you risk damaging or blowing the speaker. My friend blew out the speaker in a 15 watt Fender solid-state by plugging his bass in and cranking it, lol

If you must though, don't turn it up loud, and look into a bass amp in the near future
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The watts isnt an issue its how much the speaker moves. The low freq of a bass will make the speaker move to much burning it out. A bass speaker is made to do that guitar speakers arent. It probably wont have much effect on the amp. The caps inside a guitar amp would limit the low end of a bass alot. So it would have enough bass to tear up the speakers but not enough to sound good.
You need something that can handle the low's. Why would you want to do this anyway? It's not even going to sound like a bass guitar. It's just going to sound like crap man.
It won't handle the low frequencies very well, so the sound won't be brilliant, it's like dropping if you drop the guitar an octave (or two) with a pitch shifter, if you go too low you just get a sort of rumble coming out.