C4C if you want

my heart hangs from threads
tied to my tongue
chained in my chest
droning with my lungs

injected with this drug
long before our time
to break my inevitable curse
need a heart that will chime

you werent my drug
my love for you was dear
you were my savior
my heart rose up when you were near

bodies invisible
our love connected through souls touching
boundaries impossible
this was meant to be much more than a fling

your chemical love flowed through my veins
from deep within, showing no scars of injection
you unlocked my chest and opened the door
helped me find the cure with your vision

your heart had a perfect chime
to which my tongue sang the words
the puppet in my chest beat in rhythm
but my tongue moved to quick, tearing the chords

my head down, heart sunken
i stab myself in the heart
using the shiniest and sharpest of blades
your initials engraved on the clearest part

i pick up my life on end and hand it to you
any damage done to be mended with your love
our time is eternal
and so is our love

inevitability is our poison
injected into both of us from start
ill never back down from our demons
with your love in my heart

romeo chased the soul of juliet
juliet chased the soul of romeo
the touching of our souls is the cure
to hold on to you is the only reason ill go