Yeah, my band's first song.
Comes with the complete vocal melody and all.

The Drum & Bass part still needs a few things added to it (on GP, that is),
but other than that, it's completely accurate.

Hope you enjoy, any feedback and critisism is always appreciated

Crit 4 Crit as always, just leave a link or something!
Thank you
So It Begins [With Vocal Melody].zip
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nice i like the structure, how its prechorus - chorus first
The main riff tad cliche but fits the song,
Lyrics seemed ok but for the second verse they repeated which i feel in this song you guys could come up with better

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Hmm, not an awful lot to say. It's very boring in the way it seems to sound exactly like most other bands in your genre.
I feel so much more could be done with this than you have done.
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very generic sounds like everything that has been done before but if your going for that well you got it spot on