I'm about to make some moves.

I currently have a PRS Billy Martin SE sig. The fretboard feels awesome and the neck/body are beautiful.

This is where I need yall's help. There is a hump in the fretboard, making almost all of the notes on the low E string buzz so bad that it sounds like a bass guitarist slapping and popping. The people at the local music store said they could level the frets and make it sound good again for $100-$300. My friend (who is an amazing guitarist and who knows alot about guitars) said that the neck is still going to be bad and will only get worse even with the fix and that I should take it to this other guy who can just replace the whole neck by either ordering it or making a new one for it. I have 2 problems with this..... 1st: The Billy Martin SE sig is now out of production so getting a neck from PRS would be impossible. 2nd: I dont really want a handcrafted neck because it wouldnt have the awesome lime green inlays (including the badass bat at the 12th) and I doubt he could be able to get the flat black color on the neck right to make the guitar look as good as it did before.

SOOOO I played this awesome AXL guitar at one of the stores around here and fell in love with it. I'm not really a guitar snob so I dont mind having a kinda cheap guitar and was thinking that maybe I should sell my PRS for around $250 (the guitar is worth about $500 new) and get the AXL. Good Idea?

Thanks for all who can help me out on this
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Haha, I missed the first time you mentioned it was an SE and then when I read your idea of selling it for $250, I was like .

In any case, I say you contact PRS and get them to fix it. No matter how, why or what, a neck should not have a bump in it, especially when it's branded 'PRS'.