Hi guys. Im doin some travelling in the summer, and was just hoping you could give me some advice on places to see, either if you have been there or live there.
Im travelling from Thailand down through Malasia to Singapore, then flying to Sydney, but only for two days. From here im flying to New Zealand and spending 5 weeks there, and finally 4 days in Hong Kong on the way back.
Any ideas are appreciated!
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When you're in Sydney see the city. There's a bus that drives around all the time if you're into that kind of thing. There are heaps of beautiful old buildings... the harbour is boring after you've seen it the first time- be sure to look at it from Circular Quay station though. Picturesque.
No real advice, but have fun!

And make sure you take a good look at the local flavour, cuisine, handicrafts, etc, instead of just cooping up in the hotel room.

Have a blast.
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Go to the South Island of New Zealand. Colder but still better.
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Yes.... Come to the South Island...

Go to Queenstown. Then go louging. It's just sliding down a huge hill in little go karts.
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This is for Sydney. At sunset, stand outside the Opera House, and look at the Harbour Bridge. Awesome sight.

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yeah, if you're gonna go to N.Z. go to the south island. A much better holiday destination than the north island.
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