iv been writing a bit on flstudio8 lately, and id love to hear what you came up with.

let me know what vsti's you use as well, and weather they are freedownload, cause im having trouble finding many that didnt come with it.

every song on my profile was done at least partially in FL 6-8 (some of the stuff is pretty old)

I use NI Komplete (not free and has several synths), Miroslav Philharmonik (not free either) Arturia Moog Modular V (not free) and Scanned Synth (not free, but it's really cheap compared to all of the other stuff listed)

for effects I really like dBlue glitch (which is free) and the Waves mercury bundle (which is normally really really expensive, but I got it for $200, yay me)
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We Can Dance and Tyto were 100% Fruity Looped

Cant remember what I used specifically cos I spend so much time on FLStudio nowadays.
It took a lot of EQ'ing, automation and tweaking with effects etc. thats all I can remember.

Actually the piano in Tyto was FL Keys which is actually pretty good (if you dont need a super authentic piano sound).

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