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This story is loosely based on the Silver and Gold Pokemon games as far as the starting Pokemon, gyms and the rival. It may be possible to pick up companions along the way (female companions) like in the cartoon, but that all depends on the choices you make.


You: Brad Rainger 16 yrs old
Mum: June Rainger
Professor: Prof. Elm
Rival: Marty O'Callaghan (He is Irish) 17 yrs old
Team Rocket may or may not be featured

I'll keep a list of the Pokemon we own and their moves so if anyone wants to know, just ask.This is just a story so we won't be getting into it on a deep level so don't go asking about DV's and stuff like that or I will laugh at you.

Oh yeah, Our guy knows how to play guitar.

And now, for the story.

__________________________________________________ ______________

What's that?
I can see something in the distance, but I can't seem to make out what it is.
It's getting closer.
It seems to be saying something, but I can't hear it.

You rub your eyes as you turn in your bed.
Your eyes are wide open now,"Oh, it's just the alarm" you say out loud, not speaking to anyone in particular. As you shut it off you notice the time,"11:26, ****! I slept in!"

You quickly get changed, run downstairs, gulp down some breakfast (Poke-O's) and as you are about to leave, your mum yells out to you "Brad! Don't forget your wallet and phone!"
"They're in my pocket!" you lie, as you go get them and finally leave.

You walk up to a large building and read the sign on the door,"Pokemon Laboratory: Prof. Elm." You knock on the door. The door opens and Prof. Elm greets you "Hello Brad. It's not very professional to show up late on your first day of work is it?"
"No It's not, sorry professor," you say.
"Ha! It's alright. It's not like this is a difficult job anyway."
"If you don't mind me asking, What is this job I'm supposed to be doing?"
"You mean I didn't tell you? I just need you to get a package from my friend Mr. Pokemon and bring it back here."

The professor leads you inside his lab where he opens a draw and pulls out a map of the Johto region. "Here we are in New Bark town," explains the professor, "and here is Mr. Pokemon's house. To get there, all you have to do is head west to Cherrygrove city and then head north until you see his house. You can't miss it."
"Sounds easy enough," you say. "I'll be back In a few hours."
"Wait, before you go," says the prof."you will need to take a companion with you to fight off all the wild Pokemon. I'll lend you one of mine. I only have three to choose from but they are all quite rare. Which one will you choose?"

__________________________________________________ ______________
Perhaps the most important decision in the story. Which one will you choose.
First to 5 will win, but if it starts losing interest I'll reduce it to 3.

I'm not a terribly good writer so if anyone else thinks they can write, just let me know.
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We have a winner!

Does this count as a vote for cyndaquil? if yes, then we are at 2 all. I'll make it first to 3 for this round.
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Does this count as a vote for cyndaquil? if yes, then we are at 2 all. I'll make it first to 3 for this round.

We got 4 votes for C. Imdeth is overruled. Stupid Totodile.
sometimes I see us in a cymbal splash or in the sound of a car crash
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We got 4 votes for C. Imdeth is overruled. Stupid Totodile.

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I count 3 votews for Cyndaquil not including the guy you quoted

Hmm, I mustn't be able to count. Seeing as how you're a mod, I'll just take your word for it.
Cyndaquil wins!


"I'll take Cyndaquil."
"Good choice," say's Prof. Elm "He is a tough little guy, he should be fun to have around"
"Okay cool! I'll be seeing you soon!"

As you leave the laboratory, you notice a tall redheaded guy around your age staring through the window into Prof. Elms office. He has a sinister look on his face and his fists are tightly clenched. You walk up to him and ask "Hello, is there anything I can help you with?"
He looks at you and all of a sudden, he gives you a quick punch in the gut and you fall to the ground. "Buzz off you freak." he say's as he runs off into the woods.

Not wanting to waste any more time, you pick yourself up and head off to cherrygrove city. Along the way, you fight a few pathetic pidgeys and rattatas and you notice your cyndaquil growing stronger.

You arrive in cherrygrove city and take cyndaquil to the pokemon center. You ask Nurse Joy if she knows where Mr. Pokemon's house is and she say's that it is just north of here.

As you start heading up towards Mr Pokemon's house, you notice a kid, maybe a little younger than you getting beat up by a couple of older guy's. You want to keep going but your conscience is telling you to do something. What do you do?

A. help the guy
B. keep going.
That's all I'm writing for know, I'm off to bed. If you guys could discuss what kind of pokemon should belong in the party, that would be great so I can get a feel for what kind of Pokemon the pit wants.

Don't forget, every vote counts.
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Feraligatr is way cooler than Typhlosion.

No wai!
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sometimes I see us in a cymbal splash or in the sound of a car crash
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sometimes I see us in a cymbal splash or in the sound of a car crash
Feraligator can solo the elite 4 with ease.. so totadile is the optimum choice clearly.....

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i smell a poll for the first pokemon....
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B. Let the kid get screwed over woopwoop

D. Spend a few hours tediously levelling up

B. Keep going
You decide you don't want to have any part of this and keep going. As you walk, you can hear him scream for help and you turn back and look at him and you see his nose bleeding and his eyes are black.

You eventually reach Mr. Pokemon's house. Quite a bland house. It is only one story and has few windows. The lawn is overgrown and you can see some wild pokemon wandering around his property."What a dump!" you say to yourself.

You walk up to the front door and before you have a chance to knock, the door opens. In the doorway stands a man about 6 feet tall wearing a bowler hat and a full suit. Quite a snazzy outfit for such a crap house." You must be Mr. Pokemon," you say politely."I'm Brad Rainger. Prof. Elm sent me to pick something up for him." He stares at you intently for a good twenty seconds, making you feel incredibly uncomfortable.
"Yes, of course. I've been expecting you. Follow me."

As he leads you inside, you look around his house and see a wide array of Pokemon collectibles and artifacts. There are many fossils, paintings, stone tablets depicting ancient Pokemon and on a table at the end of the hallway, a large box. Mr. Pokemon Opens the box and pulls out a large egg with a strange pattern on it."This, Mr. Rainger," he says, "Is a Pokemon egg. This egg will provide us with vital clues about Pokemon reproduction, a subject which we know very little of today."

"It has a nice pattern on it." you say, well, not really 'say', it kind of just falls out of your mouth. Mr. Pokemon is quite an intimidating man.

"Yes it does rather. It seems to match some of the ancient carvings of old civilizations. If it is a coincidence or not, I can't really say, there is little evidence supporting the theory. Anyway, It's best you get going. The Professor needs the egg and I have a guest waiting in the..."

"There you are Mr. Pokemon!" says a voice from behind you. You turn to look and an old man in a lab coat is standing there with a friendly look on his face. "I'd been wondering where you had got to. Is this the young man to come and collect the egg?"

"Yes. Hi, I'm Bradley Rainger." you say before Mr.Pokemon can get a word in.

"Hello Brad, I'm Professor Oak from Pallet town in Kanto. A pleasure to meet you."

Your eyes widen. "The Professor Oak? Prof. Elm has told me a lot about you. He calls you a pioneer in Pokemon research."

"Haha yes, The one and only Prof. Oak. In working for Professor Elm, can I assume you take an interest in Pokemon?"

"Yes sir. I've always loved Pokemon but my would mother never let me get one but Prof. Elm gave me a cyndaquil to help me on my way here."

"Can I ask you a favour?" says the Professor. "I want you take this. It is a Pokedex. It records data on all the Pokemon you own. You see, Johto has a lot of unique Pokemon that can't be found anywhere else. If you could help me by catching as many different Pokemon as you can, then that would help my studies Immensely."

"A Pokedex?" exclaims Mr. Pokemon. "That is a mighty daunting task!"

"Don't worry Mr. Pokemon. I'm sure that Bradley is quite up to the task, aren't you boy?"

"Yes sir." you say meekly, affected by Mr. Pokemon's words.

"Well, you best be off now Mr. Rainger. Professor Oak and I have many things to discuss and I'm sure Prof. Elm can't wait to get his hands on that egg. Be careful on your way back, the egg is very fragile."

You step outside and wave goodbye to Professor Oak and Mr. Pokemon. As you continue down the road, your phone begins to ring. "Hello?"

"Hi, Brad, This is Professor Elm." You detect a note of panic in his voice."I have been robbed! Some redheaded lad of about your age came in here and stole my Totodile! I need you to get back here ASAP!" he hangs up.

"Shit." you say to yourself. "It must have been the same Guy I saw Outside the Lab this morning."

You begin to pick up your pace as you head back toward Cherrygrove city. You walk past the spot where the kid was getting beaten up. He is no longer there but you can see blood stains in the ground. A feeling of guilt creeps up the back of your neck but you shake it off and keep going.

As you head through Cherrygrove, You hear someone shout out your name. You turn to look and see the redheaded guy. Now that you can see him properly, you notice that this guy is ripped. He has enough muscle for three people.

"You." he says. "You have the Pokemon I want. Give it to me."

"Why should I give it to you?" you ask. "You stole a totodile. You have no need for another Pokemon."

"I tell you what, I'll battle you for it. If I win, I get the Cyndaquil."

"And if I win?"

"If you win, then I don't kick your ass. Do you accept?"

A. Battle him
B. Run away

Whew, that was a long one.
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A obviously.
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C. Kick his ass and take his Totodile.
Shoes, coat and hat too, while you're at it.

But yeah, A.
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A wins
"let's do this"

Your bones are shaking with excitement. This is your first Pokemon battle! You wonder if it will be as exciting as the Elite Four matches they show on T.V. because those are Matches are epic.

Sadly, this match doesn't even compare to those matches. With the limited move pool of either pokemon, the battle consists solely of tackles and scratches, the winner determined by whoever went first.

During the course of the battle, you notice that the redhead treats his Pokemon quite harshly, and especially when Totodile missed one of its scratch attacks. You begin to sense that the Totodile is reluctant to follow its orders and you try to use this to your advantage. You begin to shout encouragement towards your cyndaquil and you notice a remarkable increase in his confidence. The match is soon over with cyndaquil being the victor.

"Hmph, this Totodile is useless anyway," mumbles the redhead. You can see the inflamed fury in his eyes, "It can't even beat that pathetic cyndaquil, even with type advantage!"

"You know, It doesn't actually work like th..."

"Shut the hell up Bradley! That's right! I know your name. Next time we battle, the outcome will be different. See you around foo'." He runs off in the direction of the Pokecentre.

You head on back to New Bark town where you see Prof. Elm and Officer Jenny standing outside the lab."Ah, here he is officer, this is Bradley Rainger, the one I was telling you about."

"Hello Bradley Rainger, I'm officer Jenny. I believe you had an encounter with perpetrator before you left this morning. Would you please describe the person you saw?"

"Umm..." you begin to say. You never were a good one around the ladies. "ahhhh, he was tall, and he was muscly, and he has long red hair."

"Mmhmm. Okay, good," she says while writing in her notebook."This information should be sufficient. I'll be heading back to the station. I'll get back to you as soon as I can Professor. Bye Bradley!" she waves as she rides her motorbike of into the distance.

"Geez Brad! Can't you keep your eyes off her chest for one second! Any way, do you have the egg for me?"

"Yup!" you say, a little embarrassed."I have it right here." you pull out and at the same time, a look of astonishment appears on the professors face.

"It's beautiful!" He says. "Let's take it inside."

The professor leads you to a part of the lab that you've never been into before. He places the egg on top of a machine. All of a sudden, lights on the machine start blinking on and off and a piece of paper is printed off containing a whole bunch of numbers that don't seem to make sense. "This machine," explains Prof. Elm, "Is used to determine how long an egg is from hatching. The data says that it still is a long way from hatching. It can't, however, tell us what kind of Pokemon is inside. That kind of technology is still a long way off."

"What do you plan to do with the egg?" you ask.

"Just study it I guess. Nothing that you would understand, no offense."

"None taken. Oh yeah, while I was at Mr. Pokemon's house, Professor Oak was there. He gave me a Pokedex."

"Professor Oak? A Pokedex? Wow what an exciting day you've had. The easiest way to fill a Pokedex would be to challenge the gyms throughout Johto and then take on the elite four at the Indigo Plateau. It's quite a task, yes, But I'm sure you'll be able to do it."

"Where would I start?"

"A good place to start would be in Violet city. Falkner is the gym leader there. He specializes in flying type pokemon."

"Cool, I'll head there first thing tomorrow morning."

That night...

It's this dream again.
What is that thing saying?
Is it a Pokemon? Is it a person?
No! I can't wake up now!

You quickly go through your morning ritual of showering and breakfast and then ask your mum to help you pack for your adventure. After you finish packing you grab your Martin Backpacker travel guitar, put in it's bag and sling it over your shoulder. Your Mum gives you a kiss and sends you on your way.

Waiting for you at the edge of town is Professor Elm. He greets you and and hands you five Pokeballs. "Use these to help build a team. Remember, Pokemon are easier to catch when they have been weakened."

"Yeah I know all of that." you say.

"Yes. Have a safe and fun journey. Goodbye Brad! see you soon!"

As you make your way towards violet city, a girl comes up to you and asks f you happen to be a Pokemon trainer.

"Why yes I am." you reply with a big smile on your face, hoping to impress her. "I'm Brad." you hold out your hand for her to shake it but she refuses it. You feel stupid.

"This weedle keeps attacking me! It's leaving sticky string all over me! can you make it faint so it can finally leave me alone?"

A. Fight the weedle
B. Leave
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