i'm used to them being shiny. i've been using a much thinner gauge for a while now, and theyve all had a shine as far as i can remember..these strings look dull and used, mainly strings 3, 2, and 1. but theres no way i would have used strings, it was a new package of strings. (Ernie Ball Super Slinkys)
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That's really weird..

You didn't have them out of the package for an extended period of time did you?

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there are different materials, and coatings used on strings.

gives them different tones.

depends on specific type on there.

edit: altho the slinkys only have the nickle come to think of it. so yeah maybe they were kept in a humid environment at the store.

you can rub with a little steel wool. see if that was the problem.

just dont get it on the fretboard.

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damn, i know they've been in my guitar case for like a few months... maybe it's a possibility that affected it someway?

oh well, guess i'm buyin new strings tommorrow. haha. thanks for the help.
My username is old, don't judge me (but old 311 is good)