After extensive modding of my Valve junior, I added an octal socket, wired it up as per the mod instructions (http://www.sewatt.com/files/sewatt/Octal.pdf) etc etc.

I got a B1 voltage of 329v, a B3 of 309v, which will be rectified, but I have a few questions about heater wiring. (DC heater voltage was 5.9v)

I'm running a Hammond 125ESE OT, and not running the tubes in together, as I know that will put undue stress on the PT.

My questions are, should I wire the heaters for the EL34 with a dummy centre tap using the 6.3v secondary?

And the main question, I'm getting awful awful hum (loud. Very loud. Even pitch, which is fairly low. AC even?) when the EL34 is in. All connections are good and the voltages aren't too rediculously high, so I'm kinda at a blank here.

Heaters are wired to the DC heater filaments, and the tube glows. Something is obviously being sent to the amp, but any help would be brilliant.

It is local to the EL34. With the EL84 in it is fine. If a schematic of the wiring scheme is required, just say and I'll draw one up.
You cant have a EL34 in, and stock EL84 and 12AX7. The filament winding is only rated at 2A the EL34 draws 1.5A alone. Could the hum be from the pushing the winding?

My VJ's has 12V DC coming from the heaters.

That's all I got...
the 12ax7 EL34 pair only draw 1.8amps (I'm quite sure) from a 2 amp rated heater winding on the primary. The high voltage primary is rated plenty high enough too, so I should be safe with the stock PT.

I can only run one power tube in at a time though. I'll eventually change the PT so I can run both, but then the amp's become a sentimental thing rather than an effective use of money. I've spent the money getting it to where it is because it's by far the cheapest way to get a somewhat giggable tone machine.

I've largely rectified the hum, it is at a completely fine level now. With the EL34 in, it is so loud. Holy **** it gets so loud.

I've got a V2 board for reference.

Heaters are now running at a very acceptable 6.9v.

Still need some help on lowering B1. R10 is at 940 ohm already, just keep raising it?

R11 is stock at 220k.

Thanks for the help.
B1 is now fine. 303v.

Heaters are at 6.24v.

Dissipation on the EL34 is 16.36 watts.

Dissipation on the EL84 is 11.7.

Ecstatic with the results.

Here's hoping the transformer isn't too stressed.