I got take an album Slipknot Self Titled and track from that album (sic)

and analyze it,

on dynamics, melody, structure, chords, effects used and anythimg else I noctied,

common themes throughout the album musiclly,

and critically analyze it.

so i'm just asking on what people thought on these points.
Chords = nu metal
effects sound awesome good use of the turntables and samples etc, not so much anymore
dynamics heavy from the start but that what slipknot was heavy and only heavy
but i havent heard the album in years
One word: DRUMS!
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slipknot sucks idk why people listen to it.

wrong forum, and ****ty band

Mainly because people have different opinions to you?

If you're talking about the first album, there's not a lot going on, the drums are really the most technically impressive thing and even they aren't that great, just a lot of fast hitting. Still, go to the nu-metal forum.
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i don't think slipknot is really nu metal anymore. i mean lets define nu metal anyway... i cant
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i don't think slipknot is really nu metal anymore. i mean lets define nu metal anyway... i cant

Nu metal is a sub-genre of heavy metal that emerged in the mid-1990s which combines grunge music, alternative rock, and alternative metal with hip hop and various heavy metal genres, such as funk metal, groove metal and thrash metal.

Nu metal music emphasizes mood, rhythm, and texture over melody. Often, nu metal songs use rhythmic, syncopated riffs played on distorted electric guitars with strings detuned to lower pitches to create a dark and thick sound.

Taken from Wikipedia. It also happens to describe Slipknot's first album fairly accurately, which is the focus of this thread. Which belongs in the nu metal forum.