I'm learning scales at the moment (using the lessons on this site) but I don't understand a couple things.. How does the CAGED method help with scales and how does (for example) the C Major Scale look like a C? I just don't understand.. yeah I can play the scales but its confusing me. So Help?
The CAGED system uses the 5 shapes of the chords that is movable. The name is the clue: C A G E and D.

Each chord shape has the scale, triads, and the mode related to it. Once you get the idea the fretboard becomes easier to figure out.

Mind you this applies the major chord shapes but you can do the same with minor chords too. If fact, any chord shapes can be movable.


This might make it easier to understand.

Start with an open C major chord. Follow it up with the rest of the shapes ( A G E D ) linking them with their root notes ( C ) and you've played 5 C major chords.

Start with an open A major chord and follow it up with G E D and C also linked by their root notes and you've played 5 A major chords.

You should be able to figure the rest.
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