hello i am a guitarist in jackson mi and im looking to start or join a band,,, i want to play stuff that sounds older like metal or hard rock examples metallica slayer zeppelin ac/dc stuff like that i dont want to play melodic metal or metalcore or numetal or any of those silly genres i wanna play thrash or old skool hard rock so msg me or post here some info is ive been playing about 2 yrs so have around the saem exp as me plz and im 19 with job so i can drive but i wont drive more then 30 mins at this time soo hmmm let me no some of ur basic info and ur email and ill contact u asap i really wanna get things rollin and tho ive only played for 2 yrs i want to be in a serious band and i want to accmplish things musicly thanks ppl!!
\m/ metal up your ass
what about u i wanna make a band 2 guitars bass drums and vox
so if ur guitatr to its tight
\m/ metal up your ass