So, I was playing my bass last night, and it cut out on me. Tried a bunch of things, tightening connections, switching cables, switching amps, and it kept cutting out on me. Unplugging and replugging the cable seemed to work as a solution for about 3 seconds, and it would cut out again.

My guess is I have a problem with my output jack. Does this seem right? If so, any idea how I would fix it?
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remove the jack, mke sure both wires are connected, and make sure that when inserted, that the cable clicks at the arrow.

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IF it's the jack that JJ indicated, then take it out, check for loose connections, solder back on if you know how to, or if the connector that touches the tip of the jack doesn't connect well, just take the jack out and bend the connector inwards a bit (you'll see what i mean)

However, if you're using a barrel jack (see below), take it out and check for dodgy connections again, but barrel jacks have a tendency to wear out inside, and you have to replace them, all 3 basses i've had with these jack sockets have ALL had this happen (G&L tribby, tobias toby pro, warwick corvette $$). If that is the case, you'll have to buy a new one and solder it on, or if you don't know how to or aren't confident, take it to a local guitar tech and have them do it.

Barrell jack: