guys help me ..ill skip how i happened
but my frickin cable broke into the damn input socket of my pedal digitech rp250

you know..the tip of the pole of the cable..and the tip is hollow
thast all i can see...i dunno what to do...help and thanks
Unscrew the socket, take it out, and push the tip out
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needle nose pliers.

if it's a simple pedal to open, then there's that option too.

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open the pedal and get it out. i open pedals (and just about everything else) all the time. you should be able to get at the little piece if you open the thing, so thats what i would do. just be careful to not strip the screws and to make sure you dont misplace them. then just dont yank too hard on anything so you dont break it. those are really the only problems you should run into if you are careful.