Hey guys.
I recently bought a new tube amp and 2x12 Guitar Cabinet (16 ohms). The guitar cabinet has 2 outputs, one for each speaker. Thing is, my amp has several outputs. So my question is, do I plug the speakers into the amp where it says 2*8 ohms or where it says 2*16 ohms?
Thanks in advance.
Well, you'll need to check your speakers my friend.

In the back of the cabinet, where the speakers have the big magnets, it should say the OHM rating.

Now, you still need to read the head's manual because there are some heads that only support one 8 OHM Cable, that is the 2 speakers need to be connected in parallel.

By the way, it does have 2 outputs but I think they're in and out. You could find out before hand, because in Avatar cabs, the 2 outputs are in and out, but it doesn't matter where you connect the head.

Hope this helps.
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