I was reading the other day that if you were to reverse the 2 magnets of a P90 and then reverse the + and - wires on the bobbin you'd be able to pair it witha regular P90 and they'd be hum cancelling because of the reverse winding.
I want to do this to my Tele but the neck pickups only have 1 magnet. Would I just flip that magnet and then do the wires or just switch the wires?
Just the wires should be fine. Look up something called the Peter Green mod, which is commonly used on Les Pauls.
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I think tele picckups are all single coils, which would explain the one magnet. I think if you just flip it and rewire it you should be hum-bucking
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The Peter Green mod seems to make the pickups out of phase for that thin "out of phase" sound as opposed to hum cancelling (since they're already humbucking pickups).
The tele pickup is definitely a single coil. That is why I want to have it reveresed polarity so that when it is on at the same time as the Bridge pickup it will be hum cancelling.
I need them to run like seperate coils of a humbucking pickup I'm just not sure how to change the polarity. I'll swap the wires at the bobbin and try it out.