i think i want to major in music at umass lowell... i hear that they have a really good music department but one of my friends says that state school music departments arent good. anyone have any info on umass music programs?
anyone have any info on umass music programs

After an exhaustive two second google search...

UMASS Musics Department
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I almost applied to lowell and yes, its program seems pretty legit, however UMASS amherst also has a very good jazz studies program (if your a jazz player).
If your in massachusetts, theres also Berklee and NEC as well as a lot of universities (such as BU) with perfectly good music programs. If your a very strong player (extremely high caliber) and are looking for an amazing economic music education William Patterson in New Jersey is cheap tuiton wise and has one of the best jazz studies programs (I applied this year and got rejected), as does U north texas and if you get a merit award at UNT, they allow you to pay in-state tuiton.