Right, I picked up one of these Vintage SGs (VS6 I think they are). It seems like a decent enough guitar but the fret board is a bit odd. It seems the frets are far too high! So if I play very lightly, just pressing the stings enough so there is no fret buzz, its ok. But if I press the strings all the way down to the fret board, it goes completely out of tune....

Any ideas on what I can do?
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First off you shouldn't be pressing all the way down to the fret board. Your playing is too heavy handed. And pressing the string right down to the fretboard will make it out of tune, you are essentially tightening the string!

Of course there could be an issue with the frets but I'm no expert on that sort of thing.
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Ok, I mean the actual fret markers seem too high... I have an Epi Les Paul that does not do this with the same playing, using exactly the same brand of strings etc. So it's not just me being heavy handed...

Oh and I'm not really into the idea of paying someone to look at it, it only cost me £20, so if it turns out to be an elaborate door stop, so be it! lol!
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i'm sure if you brought it in to a good guitar shop they could have a look for you, unless they're actually working on the guitar they're probably not going to charge you
That could be an idea I guess. Next time I go up, I'll take it with me... Nearest decent one isn't that local....

Just put it up here incase someone knew what it could be
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Please decide whether its the frets or the fretboard markers. I'll assume you mean the frets. I have had two SG's. One had standard Gibson medium height frets and the other had super low frets, which was brilliant. It seems all modern guitars, regardless of price, are made with frets that feel about 4mm high. The thing to check is if the frets are seated properly in the fretboard. On a 20 quid guitar, if they are correctly seated, I'd bend my luthier's arm to mill them down. He owes me favours. You may end up with a guitar that's really nice to play.
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I think you get what I mean, the fret markers seem to high... so if I make a note on a string, I can do so, without my fingers actually touching the fret board (this is a slight exaggeration, but just to make my point clear...).

You think the frets will need milling down? Apart from that it seems a reasonable guitar to be fair.
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