I've recently started to learn to play the guitar again, after a break of a number of years (30 to be precise!!) and although i know that its all practice and patience i seem to have hit a brick wall of sorts and I'm hoping someone can help me out a little.
My problem is the B chord, i can't for the love of god get my fingers to do what i want them to, the issue is the 1st finger across the the 5 strings, no matter how much i try My finger just wont sit correctly across all the strings, I've tried numerous methods with no luck at all, so if anyone out there can help and give a little advice to a noob it would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Oh by the way I'm new to the site so be gentle lol
i share the same problem, and the ONLY way i've found out how to combat this is to not do a B chord XD
Everything can be done if you practice enough

The B chord is extra difficult - that just means extra practice

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Instead of playing it at the 2nd fret on the A-string, play it at the 7th fret on the E-string.
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just practice the full barre f chord, then when you nail that, the b will be super easy. it just takes time, man.
i couldnt ever play it then one day i went back and was like oh **** i can play that now
Quote by Dempsey68
i share the same problem, and the ONLY way i've found out how to combat this is to not do a B chord XD

if only it was that easy lol, but there are other chords that use the same technique so i guess its just a case of extra practice on that chord
To start with, try just barré-ing all the strings without any chord shape. Once that is easy, add fingers in, eventually it'll be easy. Maybe try both ways of playing - the two barrés, or the one with the index barré-ing and the three other finger fretting?