Hey, as a follow up to the last one, thanks a lot for the replies guys, I think I'll go for the LP, i was kinda worried it wouldn't match my style of playing [only technically. We know gibsons' got the sound!]. Yeah, so the LP Studio comes with 490R and 498T Pups' which I hear aren't as good as the Burstbucker Pros', so I'm having them changed to the burstbucker pros. But I had a thought, tell me if I'm wrong but, wouldn't an LP with 1 Burstbucker Pro, and 1 DiMarzio just kick ass? Cause the burstbucker pro will provide the clean deep tones and the DiMarzio can do the rest!
And if you agree, which DiMarzio d'you think fits best in this configuration, and where; bridge or neck? I was thinking of a X2N...
What amp are you using?

to be honest no matter what you're using there's no point worrying about pickups until you've got the thing. How can you know what it is you may or may not want to change until you've spend a decent amount of time working with the guitar?
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Thats' true, but its common knowledge that the 490s' aren't as good as the Burstbucker Pros' , isn't it? I'm probably going to get a Marshall 30FX, or a plain old 20 watter.
I used to want to get a Bursbtbucker and a SD Invader in my Studio but I ended up keeping the stocks because they do sound really good.
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Thats' true, but its common knowledge that the 490s' aren't as good as the Burstbucker Pros' , isn't it? I'm probably going to get a Marshall 30FX, or a plain old 20 watter.

Don't just take people's words on it; tone is totally subjective. You might love them.

What "plain old 20 watter"? And do you mean a Marshall MG? :\
I certainly wouldn't play a Gibson through a bloody MG, but. The point remains that changing 490R and 498Ts to Burstbuckers will make minimal difference through that kind of amp.

And to clarify, the X2N is shit. This is the exception to the rule that tone is subjective by nature and is not arguable.
I haven't even played mine yet [new guitar (first guitar!)], but i got a great deal going, the guys' putting in both burstbucker pros' for just 50 dollars. So, what d'you think?
Wow, if the likes of Shuldinger, Buckethead, Eddie Clarke, etc. use X2Ns' and you say they're crap, you must be one unsatisfied, sad soul. And the X2N gives the highest output than any other DiMarzio High Output pickup!
the 490 and 498 are good pups
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Don't think about changing pickups until you've got the guitar in your hands, plugged in and playing through a decent amp. Otherwise you might spend money throwing away pickups you would like and end up with pickups you don't like instead.

Also the BurstBucker Pros aren't very good, at least to my ears. The BurstBucker #1/#2/#3 series are great sounding pickups, but the BurstBucker Pro is the most bland, middle-of-the-road humbucker you can buy.
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