Minor and Major Pentatonics are probably the most useful and easy to to learn.
I'd learn the minor pentatonic and then the blues scale because they're very similar.
Then major pentatonic.
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You have to start with the major scale if you actually want to LEARN scales. If you just want a pattern to noodle around with then you can look at ehe minor pentatonic but you won't really understand it until you've learned about the major scale.
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Major scale and the intervals.

You learn the major scale first because every other scale is pretty much based off it, so every other scale is an alteration of the major scale.
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Major scale, starting with the key of C (its said to be the easiest cause it dosnt have any sharps/flats) and once youve gotten that down you can learn it the rest of the keys.

Dont forget to learn the NOTES for each major scale, not just the fretting pattern. This will definitely help you learn the notes on the fret board.

Also, seeing how all western scales are based off the major scale ... yeh, you should definitely start with the foundation before the rest eh?
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