Well, basically, what's the tightest sounding 2x12 cab for Metal/Prog/Thrash that I can get for under $400 used (besides Vader which is that price new)??? My head is a Mesa Boogie Mark III Red Stripe. I play mostly Prog Death/Thrash/Melodic Death (not pussy In Flames melodeath, real melodeath like late-Carcass, early At The Gates, melodeath thats still death) and I dab into some Jazz Fusion and classical. Basically I want a tight percussive, powerful rhythm tone (like Metallica's MOP tone but no scooped mixed with BTBAM's rhythm tone), a creamy, liquidy, smooth lead tone (like Dream Theater and BTBAM), and a jazzy clean tone. I was looking at Mesa and Vader 2x12's. Those ok???
You could also look at framus. They also use closed backs like mesa does, to get that tight bass response.
i havent looked much into this, but im gonna say vader is your best bet (keep in mind i only say this because misha mansoor swears by his, unless you can find an orange cab for the price)

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Head and Cab for $130? You don't need a head and cabinet, you need a psychological examination.
You can get a used Vader for $250 in mint condition..
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well when your looking for a cab for a particular genre, the name of the cab company shouldnt be your primary concern.

Speakers are primary.

look into avatar.

you can mix them to witch is a huge plus.

i say vintage 30's would do the trick.

Classic lead 80's would be good to.
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AVATAR. Dave is awesome, just call and he will give you his opinion on what would work. He knows is stuff.
yea man go avatar...i think u can get a new one made for about $400 if its a 2x12....i would say get a closed back just for teh brutAlz.....
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