Hi, i was wondering if anyone could help me, i'm looking to buy a decent quality guitar for around £500-600 and I had my eye on the Schecter C1 Blackjack, however it is very difficult to find it in left handed without paying a large sum more than if it was right handed (i've found it right handed for £499.99).

Would anyone be able to recommend either a decent site that sells left handed guitars for reasonable prices or a similar style guitar that is slightly cheaper?

Thanks in advance
Sorry mate, as a fellow left-handed player I can say that it is going to be difficult finding a decent left-handed guitar without paying a premium above the price of the same right-handed model.

The thing is with left-handed guitar, you wither get the really high end stuff or the really cheap stuff. so... sorry.
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Umm.. don't be pissed after you try it and it doesn't help, but I'm looking for a guitar too, so i had to check out kazillions of sites, and came across a few which right at the bottom of the page have this section usually titled "Similiar Products" (like on ciao.co.uk). But again, it may not be of any help, so don't get mad.
thats ridiculous.
i think that left handed guitars should cost the same as right handed guitars.
its not fair for left handers.
one of my best friends is a lefty (i am a righty) and whenever we go to guitar center i feel really bad cause i have like 90 guitar to choose from, and he has like 6 to choose from.
........poor lefties.......
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i have also been looking for left handed guitars, and had the same problem. to answer your question ianl, the total percentage of left handed guitarists is about 5%, if not less if i remember correctly.