I was going to make fun of your obvious spelling error. But, it is a very cool video.

On a side note does anyone know if dweezel does his own stuff? because it seems to me that since he does Zappa plays Zappa it's all he does and because of that just sits in his father's shadow. Even in interviews the attention is never really taken off Frank. I may be wrong though?
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pff, I dont care if i sound like a pretentious twat, but:
1. That sucked (for being too sloppy sometimes, and being too widly widly other times)
Also: Vai + jazz =
2. Horrible horrible, HORRIBLE tone
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disagree'd on the tone, I love it
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i watched the video and i agree, it is a good performance.
but did anyone else notice who the bassist was????
"Pete Griffin: bass & vocals"

i bet anyone 10 bucks that he has people call him pete instead of peter just cause of the show lmao

EDIT: i agree with slicer666, he has nice tone
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It was very good.
I didn't expect the third guitarist to do a solo [glad he did], and I never expected a sax solo either.
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Holy cow i never thought steve vai could sound so bad. The only thing notable about it is his technique.
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