At the local shop, the people that work there act like tremolos will ruin your tone and intonation, tuning, etc. even with a Floyd Rose. They said you'd be crazy to put a tremolo on.

I agree with some of that, that they WILL de-tune (in a bad way), probably will affect intonation, and make your guitar prone to string breakage.

However, I am wanting to buy a Schecter Ultra and then adding a tremolo after-market.

Convince me why I shouldnt....
Because it would be cheaper and much less hassle to buy a guitar with a pre-loaded trem.

But if you're set on that, go for it. There's no reason why not, 'cept expense, especially if you're hiring a pro to do it.
Those people in the shop probably know as much as one of my local shops about trems; they act as if they're going to break the whole time. Reason is, they can't set up one for ****.
it's not worth it in terms of value for money.

you can get a guitar of the same quality with a floyd as standard for the same price if not less and you won't have to go through the hassle of getting wood routed, then the surrounding areas refinished etc.

A floyd rose, if properly set up, won't go out of tune.

Floyds have generally less sustain than a fixed bridge guitar and some people feel they have a worse tone due to having less wood in the actual body.

also they're awkward to tune. once they're tuned they won't go out of tune but getting them in that tuning isn't as simple as just tuning each string up once. so if you're going to change tunings a lot I wouldn't bother.

intonation and string breaking shouldn't be that much of an issue.
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because if it didnt come with a tremolo it ruins the value

i dont know about tone i think it's only different because little/no contact with body which means poor sustain

if you must have one just get something with a trem on it already
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yeah just buy a guitar that already has one, you'll prolly encounter alot less problems that way!
Its not worth it in terms of money. It will usually end up costing you almost as much as the guitar to buy the trem then have it installed. Usually a good trem like an Original Floyd is gonna cost you at least $150 then installation would be a few hundred on top of that. Usually its not worth it and you should just buy a guitar with the trem already installed.
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I was thinking about buying a Bigsby (I only use itto bend chords and such, so I dont need a FR). Yeah, they arent the best, but oh well.

It would be $150-$200 (depending on which one), plus installation.

Around $300-$400, thats a good estimate right?
If your local shop was right then there wouldnt be many guitars made with a trem. But obviously many many players do like em. If set right a floating trem does work well. But its not cost effective to install 1 to in a new guitar.
Bad trems make it out of tune.
Good trems are fine! As long as you don't over-whammy it.

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I know Bigsby arent the best.

But they arent the worst.

Would you consider them good, bad, or 'okay'?
yeah just buy a guitar with a trem on it aready what is the point of paying 500 extra for a trem to be installed? unless you can do it yourself then that would be worth it i guess in a not so worth it kind of way.
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I know Bigsby arent the best.
Would you consider them good, bad, or 'okay'?

Very good. Some of the similar trems aren't bad either. It would be somewhat unusual but probably badass. But that said, there are plenty of guitars that come with a bigsby that are ballin as well.
some people just don't like the tone and/or feel of trems, or don't need them for the music they play. that's fair enough. the problem arises when they act like this isn't a subjective thing, that it's not just personal preference, and that they're somehow right and everyone else is wrong. it just makes them look like close-minded morons. especially when they add in some "clinchers" to their argument which are clearly made up- plenty of trems' tuning stabilities are fine, and in things like (quality) floyds it's even better than a fixed bridge guitar.

btw, i'm not sure if buying a non-trem guitar and then adding a trem is the cheapest and most efficient way of doing things. generally it's easier and cheaper to just buy a guitar with a trem already installed- as everyone in the thread has already said.
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