So i've been playing bass PROPERLY for about a year or so and I've decided I wanna pick up an acoustic guitar too just for something a bit different.

So a few questions...

1. Would it be 'easy' for me to get to grips with it sort of thing?
2. Any starter acoustics for a relatively cheap price you'd reccomend?

Thanks very much.
VINTAGE V300 probably my favorite starter guitar £85 and won an award for best acoustic for under £1000 in '05

Should be easy, you'd pick it up nice.
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You should be just fine might be awkward at first but since you most likely know all that basic stuff on bass it's the same on guitar,you just need to get used to the different chord shapes

I started acoustic,then went over too bass for some time then when i started whit guitar it was a little bit easier
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Its pretty easy really, you'll certainly have an advantage with the skills you learnt with bass.

If you can play slap bass you'll also have no problem learning things like tap guitar and the like.
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