Hey I read the technique articles by FreePower (thanks so much by the way), but I am having problems with unwanted sounds. For example, if I played an A Powerchord (root on the low E string) and then changed to a E major open chord...with distortion on, even though I try to mute all the strings with my picking hand, I either hear the muffled sound of my picking hand going to mute the strings, or a slight string raking as I try to change to the E major. Or both. I recorded it, and it is quite noticeable. Is there any way I can stop this?
try muting closer to the bridge tipically the muffled sound is because your picking hand is to far from the bridge as for the other problem i never experienced that maybe some one else can help
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Small neat left hand movements should sort this out.

What kind of movements exactly?
Try this out. Move from the A barre chord, to the E major, then to C barre chord. Just keep trying these 3 chords changes until you can mute the noise out a little better. Its just something i noticed that came with time man.