i was wondering wether it is possible to use a 3 switch in conjunction with a humbucker that can be split along with an on-board distortion effect, this distortion is just another pot which can replace the tone pot.

what i mean is is it possible to wire the switch so that position 1 is humbucker, position 2 is single coil and position 3 is humbucker with the distortion active.

i do not really know much about splitting humbuckers its probably not the right term, and im just using an old guitar and a humbucker i've had a while. i will be buying new pots and the distortion effect, and some other stuff to make the guitar useable, but don't want to spend any money if it will not work in the manner i wanted.


long post, and my first one, cheers for any help.
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It could work. Though, I think it mostly depends on the type of pickup and distortion effect.
What are you planning to use?
the pickup is a guitar fetish crusader, it can be 'tapped' i have just checked the wiring diagram, the distortion is by artecsound a 'qdd' i don't know how it works, as in that i dont know if it is pushed in to turn on or has to be wired up.

i only wanted to use this because i only want the one pickup and don't want a selector switch which has blank positions, in the case of the distortion being push activated, this might be avoided if its possible to use a 2-way switch,i cant see why not but i don't know?

basically its the first time i have messed about with this sort of thing.

Yeah, that looks like it would work. What you'd want to do is wire it so that the wires that coilsplit only connect to ground when the switch is in the middle. Then, make it so that the pickup only connects to the distortion when it is in the neck position.
I'm horrible at diagrams, but there's an ultimate diagram thread, maybe ask there?