I've been playing for about 3 years now, and I don't really know how I can get better. When I learn a song I never find it difficult to play after a bit of practice.

I know it's true that practice makes perfect- but what do I practice?
Are there exercises is should do?
Are there scales I should just learn?

I know every technique there is or I will ever need to know- Bends, Hammers, Pull-offs, sweep picking... So should I just keep practicing these?

Or can you give me any links to challenging exercises on the internet?


I'm definitely not a 'professional guitarist', let alone a very good one, so how can I become one?

I'll appreciate any help.

Please reply!!!
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Have fun with it.
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The way I progressed, is I try to grab some backing tracks, maybe you can use some of them, and learn solos by others and then play your own solos over backing tracks.
I do that, and im growing my own style slowly It makes you feel like you've got somewhere.
Have you thought about working on the qualities that make you a musician rather than just a guitar player?
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develop your playingstyle and get a unique sound of your playing that ppl remember you for work up feeling on vibrato and stuff like that (think you never can get enough practise of that).
Examine scales that you don't use very often and see if you can experiment with those etc.

there's so much you can work on, just be creative
you say after a bit of practice songs are easy, then pick an insanely difficult song to play, something by yngwie, paul gilbert, speedball by zakk wylde, the possibilities are endless
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Join or make a band, made me progress so much. Tis' also greatest thing ever to play live.
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hey. im a learning guitarist, and I have made major progress in 2 months. all you should do is practice picking, hammering, etc. in the following fret patterns on the strings from low E up.


practice these patterns slowly, then speed up. if you haven't already, try fingerpicking. also, google the following scales if you don't know them already

melodic minor

I hope this helps (it helped me)
Well, your question is interesting.

You seem to think that guitar is like mountain climbing - you start low, you get higher if you know how and practice.

It's more like having an instrument and learning that you have complete freedom of choice.

So. What do you think makes a good guitarist? Work on that in however many ways you can think of. I have lessons in my sig, obviously I recommend these, but they're useless unless you pick a direction.

At the minute you're kinda going "How do I run?" but you better know where you're going.