in the rainforest. I wrote all this on six napkins in a bus.

we speak the rush of buses and passing cars
in the costa rican night; we speak the life
of palm in the ground and palms of the hand,
walk the coals and feel our words
pura vida.
I hear the atoms splitting in the generator
infinitely crackle chaotic order, order gone chaotic,
meanwhile the skies bumpy high above the campus
and the plane refrains from landing-
lupin grows high in the hills of Santa Elena
where the dead palm trees like hands
reaching skeleton from the earth,
the dust turns rabid,
my friend and I enter the night.
how long have I been a voyeur through the countryside?
listening to bright eyes in
the depths of costa rica,
I never thought I´d get this far
I never thought I´d make it this far.
white marble crosses line the hills.
the three year old waves feebly
the bones protruding from her hand
our bus passes briskly
and I think I see blood in her eyes.
yellow bird clutches weakly to the barbed wire.
our dirt road winds down into the valley,
our wheels shudder on the rocks
and the hills raise like giant ghosts around us;
together they gather and block out the sun
and leave us tumbling blindly toward the riverbed.
cloud forest, forest of the clouds-
Monte Verde.
the church sinks into the rich green hill,
the vines overgrow,
and a boy runs in on a dare to steal
the mother mary´s wooden eyes-
when his hand touches the handle
a cow moos in the distance.
I will find a girl here in Monte Verde
who will give me a kiss, taste poison,
and love my skin with her spit forever.
a nice brown girl with red mud eyes.
Hope in newness
hope in unknown
hope in risk
hope in fantasy
hope in fear
hope in travel
hope in death
of course
the hope in life strongest
my eyes rest in wait for the new day.
I will. I will. Keep it all. I promise.
here the locals nod their heads
when we race past,
their dinner looks ravashing.
I look into the hills and see
dead coffee plants,
the sprouts look like bamboo shoots
shrivled after a long drought.
I look into the green valley and see.
Our roads wind like ant passages
through the sand, we dig our path further
and a cow looks at us as if to say
¨go away¨
I am scared it will call it´s friends.
Mysterious Costa Rican biker
plows through hills
like sandistas
through the nicuraguan government.
pez de globo
sunset over mountains
blood in the air a fish
puffs up in the tropical
pacific, grows spikes,
and I question
how is this all going to end?
Night has fallen in Costa Rica
and our bus plows onward,
dim headlights like
daggers in the dusk, the stone runs like slit throats,
onwards to the forest of the clouds.
Santa Elena.
welcome to
Monte Verde
If the bus hit us
just then I would have died,
this part of the road is paved
is up in the mountains and paved.
I want to wriggle my nose
feel your arms
and let my neck fall backwards,
ten pounds up there all my life
it has gotten heavy
even heavier here
the atmosphere is thin
and my lover is in Peru
kissing a puerto rican man.

this is the kind of thing that makes me feel weird. i don't really know what words to put to it.
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I feel you.

don't change this one bit.
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perfect. its a perfect embodiment of latin america.
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^ Though that was today (you said in the community thread like two days ago...)?

Anyway, I enjoyed this immensely and I'm enjoying your trip to Costa Rica.
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I like the concept. A journal in poem.

By the way, are we (the audience) supposed to feel bad that you're looking for a girl in Monte Verde, but your lover is in Peru with another man? This is the only thing that set me off. Otherwise, very pretty.
I like this. It made me feel like you're just sitting at window in a bus, and just looking out and writing down what you can see. It felt very real and honest, as a result of this, which I liked.

However, like Fivexfive, I didn't quite get the part about your lover in Peru, and how I'm supposed to respond, 'cause at the moment it just puzzled me, if I'm honest.
This is the part where I list all the things I either didn't like about the writing or think didn't fit....



Well.... That's about all I got for now
Good stuff
I really like your wording in places, and your overall sense of excitement and bravery was perfectly portrayed. It was difficult to look away from your words, as the scenery seemed so intransigently laid out.
But saying that, I had this repeated feeling that every line you wrote, every passage and paragraph you outlined seemed like a tangent from a thought-inside a dream-imagining himself looking into a mirror - I know that sounds a little dramatic, but maybe it makes it clearer? Sometimes it's helpful to be ridiculous. You should know that.
Anyway, there were certain sections that did seem to link into previous sections, and that was great, but those moments were few and very difficult to spot. Making that easier to do would of helped this become more concise, less on-the-spot, but still retaining it's beautiful sense of discovery and adventure.
No no no no no Dan. **** that. That's not travel.
There's only one thing we can do to thwart the plot of these albino shape-shifting lizard BITCHES!
As usuall, you created a masterpeice. Whenever I go to the s&l forums I look for your work, it just makes me feel motivated, creative and ready to face everything there is out there in life.
Keep up your work
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Sorry, I haven't traveled much.

You're on a portal, watching things happen around you, watching what things are around you, and none of it is connected to each other because it's just there. Things. Now. You. Beauty. Or, Things. Now. You. Horror.
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Yeah, that's true. The few times I have traveled, Blackpool, Fishguard, Bristol... Manchester ... I have felt like a giant seven headed dragon, breathing fire over the landscape. I could of been high on Morrocan/Prague "beauty", though.

edit: I'm starting to appreciate this more and more, btw.
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Just so you know, this was by far my WotW.
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aah costa rica is lovely isn't it? I stayed at a house overlooking the pacific. We got there at night so I didnt see the view until the morning but my god- waking up there was unbelievable. I just wanted to run in circles and skip around. It was somewhere near quepos.

Thanks for sharing this I could really feel where you were coming from. I think it's a lot to digest as a whole and could be cleaned up but I enjoyed reading this immensely. I'll probably check that word document you posted sometime too.
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