ok, this is going to sound pathetic, but i need help with bar chords. I know all of the patterns I need, but I can't do them right. they always sound partially muted, and when I try to slide up or down the neck, I lose the position. what do i do?!?
practice practice practice....play them slowly....focus on your grip and fingering and make sure they sound good...once you can play chord progressions slowly, try speeding it up more and more and soon it'll be easy for you..just don't press too hard...thats a common mistake made. You don't have to press the strings very hard in order to get the perfect sound...it's just practice....You'll get it I'm sure
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well said ^^

your hands just havent developed the strength and speed to do it. Now that doesnt me try to play them full speed or dont play them at all.

like everyone else on here will say. start god-awfully slow, and once you can nail that you can speed them up
I know from experiance only practice and time will fix it. I am just now starting to get it and still screw up sometimes but it is getting better.
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Take it slow, make sure all the notes sound clearly before you try and change to the next chord - its a weird position to get your hand into so don't expect to do it instantly.

If you are struggling to get all the notes to sound clearly take a look at the finger you are barring with - its easier if your finger is slightly on its side rather than just flat on the strings
Barre chords require a lot of hand strength, more than anything else you are likely to do with your guitar. Practice, and you will get there.
barre the chord. pick out each note and see if you can get it to ring cleanly. it all requires strength. and make sure your keeping your fretting fingers relatively straight. dont scrunch them unless you absolutely have to
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