Anyone have any experience with them? I've heard a lot of praise for them recently and I'm considering pulling the trigger. I'm looking to get a Strat-style neck with a locking nut, but I'm not sure on a few specs, they have quite a selection. First of all, I have a 01 MIM strat, I believe the neck is probably a medium C? I'm really not sure, but it's quite comfortable. Musikraft has several Compound Radius options and I'm wondering if I should spend the extra $25 and get this? What would you recommend for someone who is used to a Strat neck? The neck is going to be put on a Strat body, which is going to be my Floyd-installed ax, so playability and comfort is a high priority. I also haven't really decided on a neck shape yet. I've played some of the 50s reissue Strats and I really like those V shaped necks, not sure how well it would go with a Floyd though, will it matter? I was thinking I might try the Clapton V, anyone have a guitar with this neck?

Thanks in advance to anyone who read through all that, and thanks x2 to those who respond!

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my advice is to try out the various profiles, hell you could even try and ibanez and get a wizard profile, and as for the type off bridge going on it i doubt it will make a difference to the feel or playabillity, maybe with a T-O-M compared to a floyed but not much difference if any.
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